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Tuber aestivum

“The summer truffle”

It is worth pointing out that Tuber aestivum can be cultivated under the same conditions—in terms of both soil and climate—as Tuber melanosporum, but in contrast to the latter, its ecological range is broader.

Tuber aestivum can be found from the Baltic States (Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania) to Azerbaijan. In recent years, we can even find truffles from Iran available at shops.

This tells us that, aside from the conditions required for the cultivation of the black winter truffle, Tuber aestivum can be found and cultivated in more extreme climates, whether in terms of cold, heat or rain patterns.

As far as soils are concerned, we can grow it in much heavier soils (with more clay and/or silt) and with pH levels from just under 7 to over 8.5.

In summary, the summer truffle (T. aestivum) can be grown wherever the black winter truffle (T. melanosporum) can be grown, but the opposite is of course not always true.

It should be noted that there are two types of Tuber aestivum: one that is harvested between May and July and another one called Tuber uncinatum. Although both are from the same species, the latter is harvested in autumn. Aside from these two periods, it is not unusual to find this truffle at other times of the year, as long as climate conditions are favourable.

Please note that although the price of this truffle****** is lower than that of the black winter truffle, yields are much higher. It is possible to get yields of more than 200 kg per hectare per year.


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