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Sarrión, Teruel. Spain

Experience, know-how and service quality.

INOTRUF is a company engaged in the production of tseedlings inoculated with black truffle
(Tuber melanosporum), summer truffle
(Tuber aestivumTuber uncinatum). We have state-of-the art facilities for the production of high-quality inoculated truffle seedlings.

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Innovation, evolution and technology

Inotruf is a truffle tree nursery with more than 25 years of experience present in countries across the world. It is committed to offering products of the highest quality, boasting state-of-the-art facilities and excellent customer service as its pillars.

Quality-controlled inoculated truffle saplings


For more than a century now, countries such as France and Italy have been cultivating the black truffle (Tuber melanosporum). This fungus, known since ancient times for its unparalleled aroma, is considered the “black diamond of the earth” due to its scarcity and the exorbitant prices it commands in the markets (from €180 to €600 per kg.)

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